Whole House Water Filters – What You Need To Know

Most well and tap water in the United States contain moderate to heavy quantities of contamination from environmental and industrial pollution. All water sources whether a river, lake, well or glacierWhole have some level of contamination. These contaminants range from man-made byproducts and chemicals to naturally-occurring minerals.

Water from the river or lake could be exposed to stormwater runoff, acid rain, industrial waste, and pesticide runoff. Water from public water supplies or private wells could be impacted by agricultural chemicals, hazardous household products, leachate from septic systems and landfills and disease-producing pathogens.

Typically, contaminant levels are not sufficiently high to result in immediate sickness; however, they are likely to lead to chronic health conditions. This indicates effects that happen long after being repeatedly exposed to small quantities of a contaminant.

Installing a whole house water filter system could solve a wide variety of issues affecting the appearance, taste, and quality of the water. Whole house water filters eliminate contaminants from the water via a filter attached to the water line. The water coming into the home will pass through the filter prior to being routed to the appliances, faucets, and toilets in the home.

Carbon filtration effectively removes chlorine, VOCs, chloramines, and odor to supply chemical-free water throughout the entire home. If your home has a particular water contaminant issue like bacteria, sediment, fluoride or iron, a whole house filtration system catered to eliminating that specific contaminant will be required.

For example, if there is brown and orange iron staining the fixtures around the home, a whole house iron filter will be needed to eliminate the staining. A whole house softener is suggested if soft water is required for spotless glassware and a scale-free environment. You can combine a softener with any filtration system to provide soft and clean water throughout the home.

Types of Whole House Water Filters

Two main forms of whole house water filters exist. They are the heavy-duty filtration system and the standard capacity water cartridge.

Heavy-duty Filtration System

This is the premier performing contaminant removal system due to the great quantities of filter media utilized. The media is put in a tank roughly 50-inches tall and delivers particular contaminant protection for 5 to 10 years before it has to be replaced.

Standard Capacity Water Cartridge

These cartridges are put inside long-lasting filter housings to provide treatment for the contaminated water all through the home. They are typically 4.5 inches in Diameter by 10-inch or 20-inch in height and they are replaced yearly. These systems are more inexpensive but require more maintenance.